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RECENT USER TESTIMONIALS    Sources: Amazon,, other web

These are well made & extremely comfortable. The heel adds very little height, so it doesn't look like I'm wearing wedges or platform clogs. I am rough on my shoes & these are durable enough to last for years. If I leave them around the house, I always find them on the feet of one of my family members! The sizing is exact. I am very pleased with them. Thanks for Nothinz!!!

My husband and I purchased new pairs of Nothinz over the holidays as our original pair purchased over 7 years ago was finally in need of replacement and we could not bear being without them. We both wear our Nothinz every day.

I've had several pairs of crocs, These have better arch support and are not so bulky and loose around my foot, a nice change for sure!

Love them. Easy to wash. Don't stretch. Don't shrink. Don't crack. Don't slip when sweaty which is hard to do because of all the air holes. Not like plastic at all. Love love love them!!

The Nothinz people are very helpful if one has any problems or questions and seem to really care about their product & customer service. I recommend these shoes as they support my feet and are super comfortable all day long. They are far and away better than Crocs, especially now that Crocs has cheapened their product that give much less padding for our feet, now it's like walking on thin cardboard. 

I love your sandals. I’m hooked on the flip flops. No more Crocs for me!

I love these shoes, I wear them all day long. They help me with my degenerative disc disease and make it so I am able to walk around in comfort all day long! They are the very best shoes I have ever bought in my 42 years of life! I am a huge fan! -

They are so light - they really are like wearing Nothin’. And comfortable, Oh my! I love them!

Found out about your shoes and ordered THREE pairs! I work in a casino as a dealer and am on my feet for hours and I haven't found a pair of shoes yet that don't kill me. A coworker just bought a pair of Nothinz and swears by them so I thought I would give them a try. They’re great! I’m ordering three more!

I love the Nothinz shoe. Easy to slip on and off, great for yard work or just walking around for shopping. Nothinz like the Crocs, these are softer made and have support in them. I order a new pair every year for summer. Love them!!!

…Then I ordered Nothinz breeze and my life changed! I can't say enough about this shoe. I have a life again. I am able to work 12 hours without crying on my way home. I can go shopping again and enjoy myself without having to cut trips short because of the awful pain. Please, anyone with this problem try this shoe.

I have worn Nothinz exclusively for over ten years. Wouldn't wear anything else. I tried Crocs and another "faux Croc" brand and the arch support is almost nil. You have to buy the special orthopedic Crocs to get decent arch support. These are perfect in every way. So happy to have them on long days walking in theme parks, etc. They mold themselves to your feet and provide such a comfortable walk. I fell out of a canoe a couple years ago and they floated nearby instead of sinking. (Yeah, that might not be the main reason to buy these, but it's a thing, right?)

I bought these to take on an extended backpacking trip to help cut out some weight. These lightweight clogs made crossing rivers and hanging out at the campsite easy and comfortable.

My wife gets several pair a year. She doesn’t want anything else.

I love these shoes. They fit me perfectly and they are very comfortable. I can wear them all day without my feet being sore.

As an ultralighter, these are what I've been looking for in terms of camp shoes. I've even kicked around the idea of trying to do easy hikes in them. All in all, just what I was looking for, high quality and the real deal.

Nothinz are the BEST! I wish they were not so hard to find. I have foot problems and Nothinz are thicker soled than Crocs and feel MUCH better.

I've had two other pairs of these shoes and I've had Crocs...In my opinion, Nothinz are far superior. They have a thicker more cushioned sole and some actual support for you instep. I will be getting more of them and recommend them to all my friends.

This is my second pair of Nothinz Classic Clogs. I bought my first pair "for fun" about ten years ago. They were so comfortable, durable, washable...etc. I wore them almost every day...summer and winter (with socks)...indoors and out. The only reason I didn't wear them for work was that they were bright pink! Those clogs held up for 10 years in spite of puppies chewing on them and other abuse! Over the years I tried to replace them with other brands...even Crocs...but nothing was as good as Nothinz!

I have been wearing these shoes for years, working 14 days. My feet are never mad at me at the end of the shift.

The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! They last a long time unless like me your dogs eat them. If they get dirty just rinse them off.

I suffer from flat feet with plantar fascitis and now a morton's neuroma on the right! I bought a pair of Nothinz in despair of ever finding foot comfort again. I have tried Crocs but don't find them supportive enough or really shock absorbing. Like you I can't wear strapless due to toe pain but the new strap design on the Nothinz is great as it's stretchy so gives as you walk so doesn't push your toes forward. I bought a size bigger than my normal shoe size and haven't taken them off!!! My vote is for the Nothinz even if they are really difficult to get in the uk!

Nothinz blow away crocs with comfort. I wore crocs for two years and thought they were the greatest until I tried Nothinz which I have been wearing almost 2 years. Nothinz I think are $29.95 a pair and thats what I used to pay for crocs, don't know what crocs are now but I guarantee you - try nothinz and you will not wear crocs again.


Over the years, we've received hundreds of letters from satisfied customers worldwide. Many of these responses are concerning the Maseur massage sandal, which is our current massage sandal's more basic predecessor. Here are a few: 

"For many years I have suffered with painful swollen feet and tired aching legs due to bad circulation and varicose veins. I had given up finding a shoe which might give some relief. [Your sandals] are a Godsend and I heartily recommend them. P.S. They also seem to have corrected a backache which troubled me most days."

"For years I have suffered with poor leg circulation. I am a trained nurse plus a minister's wife, so have had many years of being on my feet day in and out. Although these sandals have been under my nose for years, I did not realize the benefit to my feet and legs until I purchased a pair. After having undergone a leg operation eight years ago, I have experienced so much discomfort, but now at the end of the day my leg feels great and I have had no evidence of a swollen ankle. Much gratitude to your company."

"Our 86 year old client had burning feet and soreness in the lower legs. After wearing your sandals he felt better in just two weeks. You have a remarkable product."

"Nine years ago I began wearing your massage sandals to eliminate leg aches. They did that and much more in improving circulation, increasing energy levels, and adding vitality to my life. Now I do enormous amounts of walking with no leg pain."

"I rarely have your sandals off my feet. I bought my first pair when I was three months pregnant and actually crying with the pain in my legs from varicose veins. My doctor had no remedy and I had resorted to acupuncture with no relief. I have not had a day of pain since I have been       wearing this product."

Having suffered from Nephritis, I have always been troubled with severe edema. My legs were constantly waterlogged. Four months ago I began wearing your sandals and to my delight, the edema has been corrected and I feel like I have a new pair of legs."

During the past 2 years I have developed an incurable disease, Raynaud's Disease, in which my feet then become numb and swell to a degree where I can't walk at all. My doctor couldn't give me advice as to what to do to make my life more bearable. Finally, my wife decided I should try wearing massage sandals. Since then I have never been without them. I feel grateful and thankful to your company for my ability to walk and even play sports again."

"My mother suffers with a lot of pain through poor blood circulation and could not walk. I am pleased to say that since using your sandals my mother has experienced wonderful relief. She says that her legs are so much better that she wears them constantly."

"One year ago I was working with a patient with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. He had lost the ability to feel or know where his feet were in space. The loss of protective sensation and proprioception can cause balance problems, falls, foot injuries, which could develop into sores that lead to amputation. To help correct his balance and foot placement, I saw your insoles and decided to see if deep sensation fibers would be stimulating enough to help this patient with both problems. The product was the only addition to the established exercise program. The patient was surprised that he felt his feet and that the insoles wee comfortable. The nubs did not cause any prolonged redness nor signs that the insoles were causing breakdown of his feet.

Since that time, I have introduced the use of these insoles to 20 patients, all with the same results. That being improved balance and proprioception. All the therapists on staff have asked that we keep a stock of them to use as needed. We have used the insoles on diabetic neuropathy, stroke victims, dementia patients, total knees, total hips and fractured hip patients. Different degrees of success have been noticed."

 "Hi! I am a nurse and a high School medical science teacher on my feet all day. I know the importance of good footwear and taking proper care of your feet. I have been wearing massage sandals for the past 10 years. They are the ONLY shoes I wear. I'm tired at the end of each day, but my feet are no worse for the wear. I don't know how I could go without them."

"I've been wearing your massage insoles for the past three days and I must tell you my legs feel terrific. I work in a very busy law firm and am constantly running. They especially feel good on the stairs. It seems the more pressure you put on them, the better they feel. My feet and legs feel very good at the end of the day!"

"I am in my late 60's and visit a chiropodist regularly for my bad calluses. A friend told me Maseur sandals would cure my condition. At first, the sandals were the worst thing I have ever tried to walk on... now they have made my walking so much easier and calluses so much better, and I have only worn them irregularly for two months!"

"With only a couple hours a day of use , the painful calluses on my feet are going away and my feet no longer hurt. I liked the sandals so much that I got the innersoles to use in a pair of expensive [name brand shoes] that were too uncomfortable to wear. Now I can walk miles in those shoes."       

"As my work keeps me on my feet all day, and have been suffering with tired, aching legs and feet for a long time. Since wearing your massage sandals as much as possible, I have had great relief and really hate to take them off."

"Your sandals are a life saver. I have arthritis in my ankles and all the pain went away when I wore them."

"Since wearing your sandals I find my back ever so much better. I can recommend them to any one suffering from arthritis."

"Your massage sandals are one of the best things that have ever happened to me!! Not only do they help my feet and legs tremendously, but they help to get rid of an aching back! I will continue to wear them faithfully." (from New York ballet dancer)

I have been dealing with chronic foot pain for years. I often have to simply stop during the day to put my feet up for some relief. Since using your sandals I look forward to slipping them on at the end of the day. They really do live up to your claims of reducing stress and indeed do 'put a tingle in your feet.' Thank you for providing my tired, sore feet with some much needed relief."

"Use of cheap shoes caused tendon damage in my feet. I found your innersoles to feel better than any other product I tried. They also allow good air circulation, a building up of the tendons and skin on the feet. My feet and ankles have not hurt one day since about a week after I started using the innersoles. NO MORE FOOT ACHES.......THANK YOU!"

"Before using your sandals I got very bad cramps in my toes halfway thru a workout. Now I feel wonderful throughout. Thanks for my painless feet and legs!"

"I used to suffer from painful and reoccurring leg and feet cramps. After wearing your sandals two hours a day for less than a month I saw a fantastic improvement. The past five years with [your sandals] have been painless and comfortable. Thank you."