In the early 2000’s, our goal was to design and produce an EVA clog with unmatched arch support and superior styling.  With the design of our nothinZ® Diamond Breeze, we nailed it!  Originally manufactured in China, but now brought to our homeland and Made in America,  nothinZ® brand is proud to produce on American soil!  In fact, we are so excited about this change, we renamed our flagship shoe from “Diamond Breeze”, to “American Breeze”!

During this manufacturing shift, and still dedicated to the relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and perfection, the nothinZ® brand team once again challenged themselves by asking: “How can we improve on perfect”?  They rose to this challenge by putting their heads together and creating a highly guarded secret formula of Recovery Nylon.  They called it “RECOVELON”.  RECOVELON™ is a compound that was born out of the precise blending of 3 components at the molecular level, the result being a finished material that naturally forms to the unique shape of your foot through body activated heat, giving you a perfect fit every time!  We now use RECOVELON™ for every pair of shoes we make.  Even Cinderella would be jealous!

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